March 30, 2017

Weight Loss Testimonials

Take a look at just a few of the testimonials we have gotten with our Becoming Balanced weight loss program.


20 pound weight loss

“I just wanted to give you a health update. I have a yearly checkup scheduled with my primary care physician. He always orders blood work for these appointments. In addition to the blood work he normally orders, I requested he check my thyroid. I have not had my appointment with him yet but I’m able to see the results of the blood work on line. Not all of the tests results are back yet but the ones that are, look great. 

My cholesterol levels have never been a concern however, my cholesterol is down 15 points. My hdl (good cholesterol) is up by 11 points. Ldl (bad cholesterol) is down by 19 points. 

As far as my thyroid numbers, I have good news there as well. My thyroid peroxidase level was at >1000. Normal levels are 0-35. This test indicates an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. My results this time have decreased significantly. The result of this test is 471.5 – still indicates Hashimotos but improving!! The other test that has shown immense improvement is the thyroglobulin test. My prior result was 402. It should be <115. It’s now 62.6. This had signaled Graves’ disease. I’m not certain but with these results I think I’ve reversed that. 

Of course I’ll know more after speaking with my primary care physician. I’ll keep you up to date on his opinions. I think the diet and weight loss are the reason for such great results. We shall see what he thinks!!

Thanks again!”


I 2014
                                                                                                                                               September 2018

“For at least 17 years I have struggled with weight gain and difficulty in losing weight. In the past, even when I have spent long periods of time eating healthy and exercising regularly, my success in losing was limited. The “Becoming Balanced Program” has not only helped me achieve  the goal of losing weight, but I believe it provides the tools for maintaining my new healthier weight”. Pre/post picture were taken May 2014 and August 2014.

September 2018 picture


110 pound weight loss

“I was referred by my pastor in July 2014 to this “Becoming Balance” program. For years I struggled to lose weight. I would exercise like a maniac and I actually put on weight. I began the program in August and noticed my weight dropping immediately. Also, I saw health changes within the first few weeks. I have had battles with a heel spur for 2 months, because of this I had 2 cortisone shots and was ready for another one due to the pain. This pain interfered with my daily living and I needed to minimize this in order to function better. Since starting this plan, I noticed I have been pain free for 10 days. Also, if I would sit/drive for longer than 5 minutes when I tried to get up it would take me a few minutes to stretch and be without pain. NO MORE!!! I can burst out of my seat and be ready to move. I also noticed my hair is not falling out as much.

I am super excited on what God is doing in my heart/life, and praying for another successful run. My clothes are very loose. I actually was able to wear heels for my anniversary last night. It has been awhile since I could do this comfortably. I am feeling feminine and pretty. I also had a great time riding rides at the amusement park.

 I am feeling encouraged and so very grateful to have my life back. I am down 40.5lbs this morning. God has blessed me with this amazing opportunity. This is a life style change and a hard one. I have used food as a reward and comforter for as long as I can remember.

P.S. I am treating myself to a mini shopping trip tomorrow. I am Super excited. My pants are falling off and loving it!!!! Almost all my pants are way too big. I have dropped at least 3 sizes comfortably. I have had so many compliments this past week. “You are melting away”, “Oh my gosh you look goooood” “wow look at you” “hey skinny” “you look so different” “your skin looks beautiful” “your whole countenance has changed” lol!!! I smile and say THank you but inside I am gushing heheh

I just feel good from the inside out,  not because of what people said (although that’s nice) but because I am not a prisoner in my own body today!!!!. I feel free alive and pretty and empowered.”

August 2014 to August 2018


I’ve tried a lot of different diet plans over the years and was successful,  I’m a lifetime member of weight watchers and was employed by them for 7 years, I also lost on the South Beach diet.

Five years ago May 18th my mother passed away and I was her constant care giver. Coping with her loss, I over ate on comfort foods. Around the same time I started going through menopause. I would try to diet and all I would lose was the initial water weight and that was absolutely it!! I was walking between 3 to 6 miles at least 4 day a week, still the scales would not move. I would see pictures of myself and be so ashamed if the way I looked!

My husband and I would ride a past Dr. Beck’s office and I would see his sign about Becoming Balanced and wonder what it was about, it took me about a year to finally make an appointment to find out, I’m SO very happy that I did. I used to suffer with hot flashes where I would carry a personal battery operated fan with me, and wear short sleeves all winter. The hot flashes are all but non existent, now I actually get cold! 

I learned how much I was over eating and making wrong food choices. I’m into size 6 to 8 jeans and the last pair of shorts I bought were 4’s and it is wonderful, I recommend it to anyone.

I get a lot of compliments on how good I look and I feel wonderful!!
I started the plan in February and the weight fell off!!! I love it!!

Dave and Cindy Bintz

“Becoming Balanced has been the best program/lifestyle change we have ever made.  For the past few years we have been actively traveling throughout the USA on missionary deputation.  This meant staying at churches and people’s homes where they wanted to feed us…very well!  Dave’s weight went up to 220 pounds and Cindy to 155.  We needed to do something!  We weren’t as physically active as we were when we were younger so it was difficult to keep the weight off and we were not healthy either!  Learning about Dr. Beck’s Becoming Balanced Diet and hearing from others that had success with the program, we decided that it was a good investment!  We began in March of 2015.  We had concerns as to how we would adjust since Dave always had problems with dropping blood sugar if he didn’t eat enough.  BUT, he never had a problem.  Cindy, who has been on high blood pressure medication for the past 12 years, suddenly found with the pounds dropping off, so did the blood pressure numbers begin to drop.  The first 28 days weren’t as hard as we thought and seeing the immediate results was so encouraging!  We are now at six months and Dave has stayed steady with a 30 lb. loss, weighing 190 and Cindy with a 26 lb. loss at 129.  What we have come to realize is that it is not necessarily how much you eat, but what you eat.  Cindy no longer takes blood pressure medication, we have a full bottle of Tums because we no longer suffer from heartburn!  We feel great and have control of our eating habits!  Thank you, Dr. Alan Beck for helping us and being there whenever we needed you!  Even though we live in Spain, you were only an email away!”


40 pound weight loss

 Why Becoming Balanced helped me?

1. STRUCTURE. The Becoming Balanced Program gave me precise direction and structure regarding food choices and portions. My previous eating pattern was haphazard which left me gaining weight rapidly. I was always trying new and different ways in hopes of organizing an eating plan to lose weight. However, it always unfolded in a big sloppy, unorganized mess!
2. CALM. Due to the fact that I wasn’t stressing about what and how much I should or shouldn’t eat, I wasn’t worrying like I once was. I knew exactly what foods and how much I could consume daily.
3. FREEDOM. This was a sense of letting go of previous guilt regarding my constant failure at reducing my weight.
4. STABLIZED MOOD. Before starting the program, my mood often fluctuated easily from one extreme to the other without cause or reason. During the program, I felt like my entire mind and body was balanced and focused.
5. SUCCESS. Almost every day, I saw my body weight decrease in number. It was a gradual but extremely rewarding process.
6. CONTENTMENT. I felt content, and still do, with the kinds of foods and amounts of food I now consume. I only now feel hungry when I truly am hungry. It feels good to get away from the uneasy feeling that I once had in my mind and body which was produced by consuming many sugars and starches and vast amounts of processed foods.
7. HELPFUL. I know that I can now assist /direct others who would like the same results that I achieved with the Becoming Balanced program and Dr. Beck’s help. It feels so good. Honestly and truthfully, it is one of the very, very best experiences of my lifetime!
Many thanks from me to you!:)                                                             

Don and Lisa


May 2017 244 pounds  May 2018 157 pounds!!!



80 pound weight loss in 3 months!!!


52 pound weight loss




November 2013 197 pounds January 2014 159 pounds


June 2018   Total loss 106 pounds now 154 pounds


June 2017  245 pounds  May 2018  157 pounds


Other Recent Testimonials

** I no longer crave sugar or carbs and my energy level is sky high. I simply couldn’t be happier with myself right now and honestly i haven’t exercised every day, nor made time for the relaxation tape and still feel fantastic.
i used to live to eat, now i eat to live.
Thank you so very much!!!
** I wanted to send you a quick message this morning. I am not sure if its water weight or not but I am down 6 lbs today. and have to tell you not sure if its coincidental or not but I feel amazing. I feel energized and happy. Should I be feeling this already? Just wasn’t sure how quickly this worked?
Thank you so much so far best money ive spent in a long time!!!
** The second week went really well. I am down a total of 23.1 pounds and my energy is up. I am very happy about the weight loss of course, however, I am even more excited about the fact that ALL of the symptoms being attributed to my adrenal gland are gone! I have no more swelling, which means I can bend my joints and walk/climb stairs with ease. I no longer feel like I am under water and haven’t needed a breathing treatment in over a week. The sores on my legs, I have been dealing with for the past year, that would not heal and continuously leaked fluid are almost healed. My blood pressure and heart rate have been improving as well.
I am looking forward to seeing even more positive changes as I continue.

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