1) Your brain works better. Water comprises 85% of brain. Proper hydration helps you think and focus. It prevents memory loss, brain fatigue, and sleep issues. 2) Your heart becomes stronger. Drinking water lowers your risk of a heart attack by 41%. 3) You eat less. Water is a natural appetite suppressor. It helps stabilize Read more about WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU REPLACE ALL DRINKS WITH WATER???[…]

Virus Killers?????

Becoming Balance can help you: 1) multi vitamin  2) BeLively (Vitamin B and C) 3) Vital D 4) Other supplements available will enhance your immune system.  Please take a moment and read the following as well as review the supplements to see what would help you. This virus is highly contagious and a new strain, but Read more about Virus Killers?????[…]

Your Body’s response to Sugar

10 MINUTES 10 teaspoons of SUGAR hit your system. This is 100 percent of your recommended daily intake, and the only reason you don’t VOMIT as a result of the overwhelming sweetness is because phosphoric acid cuts the flavor. 20 MINUTES Your blood sugar spikes, and your liver responds to the resulting insulin burst by Read more about Your Body’s response to Sugar[…]

Things to Avoid

Things we are told to AVOID!!! 1) Avoid shaking hands2) Avoid getting close to people outside your home, even family members3) Avoid leaving your home4) Avoid touching your face5) Avoid going to school, church, and out to eat All these things may have been necessay at this time; however the following things should not be Read more about Things to Avoid[…]

Healthy Eating!!!

Our bodies are programmed to eat when food is present. A thousand years ago this was quite beneficial. Humans ate only after catching fish or hunting for their meat. In the spring time fruits/vegetables were available and we ate them. However, in winter months we ate a lot less due to weather and lack of Read more about Healthy Eating!!![…]

Becoming Balanced is in “First for Women” magazine March 23, 2020!

Becoming balanced is a non-medical, estrogen-free approach to balancing hormones naturally – for help with stubborn weight while aiding mood, sleep, energy, and overall female health! Our goal is to help women lead a higher quality of life through Natural Hormone Balancing. Providing a safe environment for women to come and get their questions answered Read more about Becoming Balanced is in “First for Women” magazine March 23, 2020![…]

Hormones and Stress????

  Stress is the culprit that takes us out of balance, but most women don’t realize there is more than the psychological stress of family, finances and work. There is also physiological stressors all around us especially in our modern society. Things like florescent/or artificial light which raises cortisol,  also Electromagnetic Fields which come off Read more about Hormones and Stress????[…]

Don’t Be Normal???

An average American is over weight, on 2 or more medications, and comfortable with their lifestyle choices. Their lifestyle habits will either stay the same or get worse as they get older. In other words, they are going in the wrong direction daily!!! Are you to the point in your life of desiring a health Read more about Don’t Be Normal???[…]

Why we struggle with food?

humans, as well as animals, have an inborn program called the “Motivational Triad”. We are motivated 3 ways:  1) We seek pleasure in the form of food, sex, or drugs. 2) We attempt to avoid all types of pain.  3) We attempt to do all activities with the least amount of energy.  This motivational triad Read more about Why we struggle with food?[…]

Calories in Calories out??

Can all of women lose weight with the calories in/calories out thinking?? If at the end of the day we have extra calories we gain weight or if we burn all the calories we lose weight!!! Shouldn’t this work all the time???? There is a small percentage of women who are unable to lose weight Read more about Calories in Calories out??[…]

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