October 27, 2018

Supplement Information

Super Digest:

When we reach 25 years of age our bodies begin to have trouble breaking down fat/proteins. What takes place is the carbohydrates we eat break down quickly causing insulin to spike, because of this when the fat/protein finally breaks down it is converted into fat.

Super Digest stabilizes blood sugar/insulin spikes and helps us not to put on weight again. If a person eats healthy all week they would not need to take this supplement, but they could take when they over eat/eat the wrong foods/or eat a variety of foods.

Listen to Super Digest video below:

Probiotic supplement:

Keeps digestive system clean, replenishes body’s good bacteria, helps with immune health, overall well-being, and decrease sugar cravings.

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Multi vitamin:

Supports healthy bones, thyroid, hormone levels, anti-oxidant protection, and provides the basic foundation of vitamins and minerals.

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Essential Oil supplement:

Helps with hair, skin, nails, and keeps your body from desiring more food.

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Be Steady:

This will help stabilize your blood sugar. When you blood sugar is stable your insulin does not spike as much which means your body will not store extra calories. This supplement is good when you are trying to burn fat as in phase ll. It is also good during lifestyle phase when you are eating too many sweets/sugars.

Listen to Be Steady video below:

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