Virus Killers?????

Becoming Balance can help you:

1) multi vitamin 

2) BeLively (Vitamin B and C)

3) Vital D

4) Other supplements available will enhance your immune system.

 Please take a moment and read the following as well as review the supplements to see what would help you.

This virus is highly contagious and a new strain, but not dangerous to the healthy population. It can be dangerous to the following groups: Obese people, diabetics, the immuno compromised, and elderly.

When we face something like chicken pox or a virus our body develops a marker called a titer. This is an antibody in the blood that remembers the sickness/infection/virus so if it shows up again your body overcomes this or fights it off better. 

We face viruses daily and our immune system overcomes these without us knowing.  We  are exposed to over 500 million viruses every day and our bodies are very adaptive, which is why we have been around for so long. Many of us may already have virus titers to keep us from developing  symptoms.

When this virus is exposed to your body your body will respond in 3 ways: 

1) Immune system will fight it off and you will not experience any symptoms.
2) Immune system will fight it and body will experience mild symptoms that go away in 1-2 weeks.
3) Immune system is overwhelmed, usually to a person who has a compromised system. (Very small percentage of people.)

There are over 600 studies on vitamin C‘s ability to boost immunity. Vitamin D covers the ace 2 receptors of the lung which decreases the viruses ability to attach to a healthy Cell. 

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