Things to Avoid

Things we are told to AVOID!!!

1) Avoid shaking hands
2) Avoid getting close to people outside your home, even family members
3) Avoid leaving your home
4) Avoid touching your face
5) Avoid going to school, church, and out to eat

All these things may have been necessay at this time; however the following things should not be AVOIDED!!!

1) Eating healthy foods in healthy sizes
2) Taking vitamins/supplements for essential function of your body
3) Exercise, sunshine, and proper rest
4) Activities to help with stress
5) Getting a chiropractic adjustment???


1918 Influenza epidemic cases in Davenport, Iowa:
4953 treated by MD 274 deaths
1635 adjusted by chiropractors 1 death

Information from Dr. Kathleen Hartford

2 reasons for this:

1. Chiropractic upregulates your nervous system and your nervous system is responsible for the function of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. Including your immune system

2. People who utilize natural approaches tend to be more self-reliant, they don’t want a drug to override a symptom they want to get to the cause of the symptom and correct it which of course relieves the symptom. In other words, they are often healthier because they are not taking multiple medications all of which have side effects, all of which the body needs to deal with ‘As Well As’ any viral exposure. Your body, like you, can only handle so much chaos. And your body life you is a true miracle of creation

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