Healthy Eating!!!

Our bodies are programmed to eat when food is present. A thousand years ago this was quite beneficial. Humans ate only after catching fish or hunting for their meat. In the spring time fruits/vegetables were available and we ate them. However, in winter months we ate a lot less due to weather and lack of food. Our bodies were able to adapt and survive with less food being consumed. Humans did not have obesity issues, Type ll diabetes, cholesterol, etc!!!!

TODAY!!! Food is present 24/7 so we eat all the time. In the last 75 years this has spiraled out of control. During World War ll, the US started finding ways to preserve food and make it taste better since they were sending food supplies over seas to feed our troops. Another thing that took place was women were not in the homes, they were now working since their husbands were fighting. When these women came home  it was difficult to prepare a meal for the family due to 8-10 hours of work.

This led to the explosion of convenient foods, processed foods, and quick meals. The 60’s, 70’s, 80’s brought us fast food restaurants, TV dinners, and meals you popped in the microwave. This led Americans to eat more, eat more often, and eat the wrong foods.

Another thing that led to our demise was the attack on FAT!!! All of a sudden was fat was now considered bad. Food companies took this and began to advertise fat free, low fat foods. What fat actually does is flavor food and fill us up quicker. When they removed fat that added sugar/artificial sweetners to their meals so that we would like them. Sugar is addicting and we crave more, we eat more because it does not fill us up and now we are in this sorry state.

Over the last 75 years humans have developed Type ll diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, etc at alarming rates.

Today our hypothalamus has been damaged by our eating habits and we struggle to find an answer.

THE GOOD NEWS is that the “Becoming Balance program” will help reset  your hypothalamus so that you will no longer burn and store your carbohydrates as fat. You will begin burning unwanted fat and watch the weight drop. Your hormones will be able to balance out which will help with weight, mood, PMS, sleep, etc.

1)The low glycemic fruit choices will help minimize insulin spikes. Without insulin spikes your body won’t burn or store sugar as fat.
2)The non starchy vegetables also have a low glycemic value and digest easier with proteins. This helps your body break down the food easier and lose weight.
3) The protein has very little fat and when combined with the fruit/vegetables you will burn unwanted body fat at a very quick rate.

THIS MAKES LOSING WEIGHT simple, effective, and exciting!!

If Americans knew how to eat there would be fewer  obesity issues, Type ll diabetes, cholesterol, etc.

You have a great advantage over the majority of Americans !!!

Call us, if you desire more information on Becoming Balance.

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