Hormones and Stress????


Stress is the culprit that takes us out of balance, but most women don’t realize there is more than the psychological stress of family, finances and work. There is also physiological stressors all around us especially in our modern society. Things like florescent/or artificial light which raises cortisol,  also Electromagnetic Fields which come off our electrical devices like computes, cells phones etc. Also, lack of sleep, physical pain, extreme temperature and exercise are forms of physical stress on your body. So even if your family is perfect and you are set financially, these stressors will not go unless you literally move to a desert island. This is the very reason women need the Natural Hormone Balancing creams after getting balanced in the Becoming Balanced program. If you could go to a desert island with no family, job, need for money, there would be no mental stress, but there would also be no computer, lights, or anything to disturb your sleep. The food, air, and water would be pure as well. Although most of us can visit this type of place on vacation, we cannot live there so the Natural Hormone Balancing creams are essential to keep us balanced. The Soothe Stress cream gives our body the raw materials or building blocks to make the stress hormone, cortisol, which is always in high demand. This hormone buffers stress and keeps us alive. Our constant demand to make lots of cortisol, due to our modern conditions, causes us to run out and the body then steals our sex hormone, progesterone, to convert it into more cortisol to keep up with the demand. The Soothe Stress cream helps by giving the body the material to make cortisol, and your body is then spared its progesterone, which it needs to balance your blood sugar for optimal weight, mood and sleep. So if you can live on a desert island, go, but if not, keep your Natural Hormone Balancing creams handy because they serve as multivitamin for your hormones so that you can Stay Balanced.

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