Don’t Be Normal???

An average American is over weight, on 2 or more medications, and comfortable with their lifestyle choices. Their lifestyle habits will either stay the same or get worse as they get older. In other words, they are going in the wrong direction daily!!!

Are you to the point in your life of desiring a health change??

The Becoming Balance program gives you a full game plan to succeed.

Learn how to program your body to lose unwanted fat, balance your hormones, and become healthier.
Our energy typically comes from the foods we eat in form of calories.


A calorie “IS NOT” an indication that a person will gain weight!!!!! 

 A calorie is only a measurement of energy. Definition of a calorie is the amount of energy needed to raise one kilogram of water one degree Centigrade. A calorie does not have any bearing on weight gain!!!!! 

 Any protein or fat you ingest can’t make you fat!!!!  Protein/fat does not release insulin in your body, which means that glucose can’t be burned or stored as fat. The only thing you eat that can spike insulin is a carbohydrate. The low fat/ fat free advertisements that tell you that you are eating healthier and staying thin are WRONG!!!

When your body does not get its energy from food it searches for some other form for the primary purpose of survival/self-preservation. It will then search for unwanted body fat to burn. This is called ketosis. When you put your body in a healthy and natural state of ketosis. Each day our bodies need energy to perform daily tasks such as walking, moving, thinking, muscle activity, etc. It also needs energy for the things your body does automatically such as breathing, beating of heart, metabolizing/digesting food, rebuilding/repairing of tissue. It is amazing of what our body does and continues to do each and every day.

Becoming will help you in the following ways:

1) weight loss which decreases chance of lifestyle sicknesses 

2) decrease sugar intake

3) decrease stress

4) improved sleep

5) improved immune system

 6) helps liver

7) helps digestive system

8) detoxifies body- drops break down fat which contains toxins. When fat is broken down it is then flushed out of body along with the toxins.

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