Calories in Calories out??

Can all of women lose weight with the calories in/calories out thinking??

If at the end of the day we have extra calories we gain weight or if we burn all the calories we lose weight!!! Shouldn’t this work all the time????
There is a small percentage of women who are unable to lose weight when the focus is eating right and exercising.

Hormones can play a role in losing weight.

In a nutshell most women’s weight gain is not due to poor eating habits. The primary reason is an imbalance with their hormones, especially cortisol/progesterone/estrogen.

STRESS  begins the snowballing affect which spikes CORTISOL. (Cortisol is a FAT promoting hormone and also depletes progesterone). TOO MUCH Cortisol can wreak havoc on weight control!!! When progesterone is depleted 

(Progesterone is a FAT burning hormone and helps stabilize blood sugar levels) you struggle with weight  and other hormone issues. When progesterone and estrogen stay in balance a lady can avoid or minimize certain female related cancers, health issues, and quality of life!!

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