Obesity in America

The USA has the best health care in the world, but we are the sickest nation!!
This all started during World War ll:
1)The US needed to send food to the troops over seas and at first the food sent was not very good tasting and did not have a long shelf life. Over time the food sent had a longer shelf life and tasted better. During the war the men were fighting and the women were working to provide for their families. Americans were lacking money during the Depression and throughout World War ll. Food and supplies were scarce and family unity was broken.
When the war ended  the government wanted Americans to prosper and live better. New chemicals were developed and more money was given to farmers for their machines. Farmers were rewarded to produce more.  They began producing more and more corn. Corn is now in everything: coffee, candy, snacks, fast foods, drinks, ketch up, processed foods, etc. High fructose corn syrup is on many food/drink labels. Farmers were now producing 6,000 calories/day in comparison to 2,000 calories/day. The farmers were producing so much that the food industry needed to find ways to sell this over abundance. This created an avalanche of cheap/non-nutritious foods: TV dinners, fast food places now opening, and all you can eat restaurants. THIS BEGAN THE OBESITY PROBLEM!
2) Since 1940 we were introduced to 75,000 more chemicals. This adds shelf life to food, improves texture, improves flavor, adds color, and saves money. However, these chemicals makes us fatter.
3) Misinformed: Deceptive marketing on labels and influencing children to want items containing tons of sugars. Low fat, non fat, and fat free are items full of sugar.
4) Fast foods: too many carbs, too much sugar!!! Nutrient poor choices.
5) Working parents created food companies to make TV dinners, easy  to make meals that were processed, fast food places. All of these add inches to your waist.
6) School lunches 
7) Lack of exercise
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