Why we struggle with food?

humans, as well as animals, have an inborn program called the “Motivational Triad”. We are motivated 3 ways:  1) We seek pleasure in the form of food, sex, or drugs. 2) We attempt to avoid all types of pain.  3) We attempt to do all activities with the least amount of energy.  This motivational triad Read more about Why we struggle with food?[…]

Calories in Calories out??

Can all of women lose weight with the calories in/calories out thinking?? If at the end of the day we have extra calories we gain weight or if we burn all the calories we lose weight!!! Shouldn’t this work all the time???? There is a small percentage of women who are unable to lose weight Read more about Calories in Calories out??[…]

Are you insulin resistance ??

If you have an expanding waistline most likely you are either insulin resistance or getting close. This can lead to type ll diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol concerns, obesity, fluid retention, and other health concerns. Insulin resistance is a condition that happens over a period of time which is caused by chronic stress and long Read more about Are you insulin resistance ??[…]

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