20 tips for 2020!!!

20 Eating Tips for 2020: 

 1) Many times we eat just to eat. WE do not need to eat full meals 3x/day.

 2) We also eat when food is in front of us or offered to us. Learn to say no. If you can’t say no, choose less than what you are offered. 

3) Eat half your meal at home or at the restaurant. We do not need to eat the serving sizes that we get at restaurants.

4) Eat slower . When you eat fast your body does not have time to tell your brain you are full. 

5) When eating wait before you decide to eat more. I was at a restaurant and finished a small portion while watching a football game. I was getting ready to place another small order because at the time I was still hungry, after 20-30 minutes I realized that I no longer was hungry

6)  Fat/protein does not spike insulin so you can’t gain weight. You only gain weight when you combine this with carbs, starches, sugars!! 

 Following the above statement, you can eat 1,000 calories of nuts and not gain weight. However, eating only 100 calories of nuts and also 100 calories of chips you will gain weight. This is because of the insulin spike from the chips. 

7) A baked potato is higher in glycemic value and will spike insulin causing weight gain. Eating a baked potato with butter and sour cream lowers the glycemic value and is a healthier way to eat a baked potato.

8) If you like pasta, eat it with a salad and not a protein such as a steak. A steak is slow to breakdown in digestive system while pasta breaks down quickly causing a spike in insulin and weight gain. 

9) Try replacing chips/pretzels/candy with nuts/vegetables/fruits. This can eliminate weight gain and is healthier. 

10) When you get a sugar/food craving it is psychological/emotional response and will pass in 10-20 minutes. Chewing on a healthy snack or drinking water can allow craving to pass. 

11) When going to a restaurant, picnic, or get together try forgoing the bread. Bread will spike insulin and cause weight gain. 

12) If you eat protein right before bed you will keep metabolism active and this will help you burn calories while you sleep. It also keeps amino acids in your blood. Amino acids help transport nutrients and help metabolic process. Amino acids help decrease your chances of weights gain, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, etc. 

13) Chia seeds: will boost your energy, help control weight, decrease effects of type ll diabetes and heart disease. They are high in anti oxidants, fiber, protein, and omega 3’s. 

14) Eat good quality foods. This will help blood sugar to stabilize and keep hormones happy. Stabile blood sugar will help you burn calories 24/7. YOU CAN’T STARVE A FAT CELL, you must burn it.

15) Fat flavors your food and fills you up quicker. 

16) Drink water or lemon water: It hydrates you, keeps you full, helps your skin, improves your immunity, decreases inflammation, helps with digestion, helps fight cancer, detoxifies you, and reduces cravings.

17) High fructose corn syrup. Stay away from this. It is 20x sweeter than sugar and harder for body to digest 

18) Diet soda was invented as a way of helping individuals enjoy soda without adding fat to their body. This has back fired! Zero calories/zero fat does not mean no fat is added to your body. The artificial sweeteners confuse body on how to break it down and any other foods eaten at this time will be stored as FAT.

19) Calorie is a measurement of energy. It is not how many calories you eat, it is the type of food you eat. (Healthy foods  

20) Preservatives and chemicals clog up the digestive system, decrease your energy, and irritate your bowel. The result is weight gain! If you improve your digestion you will process foods more efficiently and burn fat rather than store it.  Fat free foods are filled with sweeteners which can cause weight gain.

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