A bigger stomach???

If you have an expanding waistline most likely you are either insulin resistant or getting close.
This can lead to type ll diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol concerns, obesity, fluid retention, and other health concerns.
Insulin resistance is a condition that happens over a period of time which is caused by chronic stress and long term consumption of sugar, alcohol, or caffeine.
Our body is programmed so that when sugar gets into the bloodstream insulin is produced. Insulin acts like a broom and sweeps the sugar into the cells to be used as energy. When we are eating the proper amount of carbs and eating small amounts of sugar our body will be very efficient in this process.
The problem begins when we consume too much sugar and our pancreas becomes overwhelmed. It is producing more and more insulin and still cannot keep up with the sugar in the blood stream. The body becomes less sensitive to the normal process. Insulin resistance means it takes more and more insulin in an attempt to get the sugar out of the bloodstream. (For example, if your neighbor rings your door bell daily offering you a small gift. You get tired of answering the doorbell; however, you will answer the doorbell if it is a bigger gift!!) 
The insulin that is being produced tells your body to store the excess sugar instead of being  used to be burned as energy. Storing this sugar leads to weight gain on the scale and a bigger belly.
Take a moment and look around, if you see a male with skinny arms/legs, but a belly that protrudes out or a lady with a similar physical appearance they are most likely insulin resistant.
We often think candy, donuts, cookies are the only culprits but we are wrong???.
Breads, pasta, pizza, pretzels, chips, any processed foods/frozen meals (Meals that we make out of a box), fast foods. 
Soda? there is so much sugar in soda that we can sabotage this problem by drinking and not eating. (Normal amount of sugar consumed daily is 38 g. An average American consumes 88g/daily. A 20 ounce bottle of Mt. Dew has 76g of refined sugar.) 
Diet soda will also create problems. An artificial sweetener will cause a sweet taste on the tongue and can trick the brain to release insulin even though there is no sugar in the blood stream. This will actually cause cravings and weight gain.  
Type ll diabetes: over time the body is not able to produce enough insulin to meet the new, higher demands due to insulin resistance and the body cannot get sugar into the cells, so there body needs an additional source of insulin.
Avoid man made foods and focus on eating natural fruits/vegetables/proteins

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