Holiday eating tips!

The holidays can affect all of us. It reminds me of spending money while on vacation. 

We lack our normal control/discipline when on vacation and spend more money than needed on wants. The holidays we lack control/discipline and eat more things that will cause weight gain.
A) our mood is typically happy B)  we are spending time with family C) we have foods that look good, smell good, and taste good  D) unlimited selection of food and  there are several days in the two to four week time frame that we are tempted. We may first say no, but days later we say YES!!! 
1) watch for typical sugar foods such as candy, chocolate, sweets, drinks, etc.
You can then limit the amount and/or frequency of eating these. These foods have no nutrient value, so your body will not tell brain you are full. You can eat these  quickly and by the time you stop you have gone overboard. Healthy fruits/vegetables/proteins take more energy and time to eat and body senses that you are full sooner. No one ever says that they ate too much broccoli!!!!
2) Breads, cakes, snacks, etc can do the same as above.
If a person can limit what they are eating, how much they are eating, as well as the 15 minute rule. (Eat something and wait 15-20 minutes later to eat again. Most of us eat on impulse and in a matter of minutes we ate too much. If you wait your body then loses the craving and sometimes you forget or realize you don’t want more.)  
3) The more you fill up on water or healthy choices the less you crave and results in eating less.
Drink plenty of water before parties or going out top eat. 4)When we go to a restaurant  our downfalls are:
A) we are hungryB) we smell food that stimulates our senses and this tells our brain to eat what we see, what we smell, or what we think will taste goodC) the breads that we are offer starts the snow balling affect. Breads do not fill us up they make us want to eat more.D) when waitress offers/suggests something it human nature that leads us to say yes. It is always harder to say NO. The power of suggestion is very power!!! Example: A lady trying on an outfit she does not need and salesperson comments on how beautiful it looks on her. Looking at puppies/kittens and your child says that she wants one. Impulse or power of suggestion can hurt us.
5) If you over eat on one day it will typically flush out of your system in 1-3 days. If you mildly over eat over several days you are in trouble. A frog will jump out of boiling water, but put a frog in room temperature water and slowly turn the heat up, you will have frog legs to eat.

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