Healthy drinks??

When it comes to healthy drinks there are not many out there to buy:

1) Water is the best choice.

Other beverages:
2) Decaffeinated teas/herbal teas
3) Brewed teas then chill them.
4) Water with lemon, lime, orange.
5) Soda water with stevia.

1) Coke and Pepsi are used as pesticides in India because they are cheaper and more effective than other pesticides.
2) Mt. Dew has 46 grams of sugar/12 ounces. Has “BVO” brominated vegetable oil which is an industrial chemical that causes memory loss, nerve disorders, and behavior problems.
3) Soda is nothing but flavored sugar water and has no nutritional value. It leads to Type ll diabetes, obesity, heart/kidney issues, muscle loss, osteoporosis, etc. Soda causes fat build up around liver/skeletal muscle. IT causes an increase in triglycerides, cholesterol, and belly fat.
4) Soda will give you a temporary euphoric feeling, but the caffeine dehydrates you and you crash quickly!

Diet soda:
It is true that there are no calories included in these drinks, but these sweeteners mess with your body to process the calories from other foods and makes it harder for body to metabolize other sugars. These sweeteners over work the liver/digestive system and because of this the liver can’t detoxify other things and has little time to break down fat. In essence the calories that you think you are not getting through diet drinks are creating additional weight gain due to an over worked liver.
Artificial sweeteners:
1) Splenda- number one seller between 2000-2004, slows digestion, increases weight, kills bacteria, has chlorine in it.
2) Saccharine is used in small percentage of sweeteners and is oldest sweetener, known as Sweet “n” Low. It is found in rat poison.
3) Apartame is used the most(70% of time), also known as Equal or Nutra Sweet. It is the worse sweetener for the liver.

One packet of an artificial sweetener takes 8-12 weeks to be processed by the liver. One can of diet soda takes 12-18 months to get out of the liver. This is not healthy and an over worked liver allows sugars not to be broken down; therefore we get fatter!!!

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