20 tips for 2020!!!

20 Eating Tips for 2020:   1) Many times we eat just to eat. WE do not need to eat full meals 3x/day.  2) We also eat when food is in front of us or offered to us. Learn to say no. If you can’t say no, choose less than what you are offered.  3) Eat Read more about 20 tips for 2020!!![…]

A bigger stomach???

If you have an expanding waistline most likely you are either insulin resistant or getting close. This can lead to type ll diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol concerns, obesity, fluid retention, and other health concerns. Insulin resistance is a condition that happens over a period of time which is caused by chronic stress and long Read more about A bigger stomach???[…]

Over eating during the holidays!

The satiation mechanism in most adults is being trick every day. When a human eats he has a mechanism in the stomach that tells his brain he is full and this is called the satiation mechanism. Processed foods, man- made foods, sugars, breads, etc are calorie dense and nutritionally poor. If you eat 500 calories Read more about Over eating during the holidays![…]

Holiday eating tips!

The holidays can affect all of us. It reminds me of spending money while on vacation.  We lack our normal control/discipline when on vacation and spend more money than needed on wants. The holidays we lack control/discipline and eat more things that will cause weight gain. REASONS: A) our mood is typically happy B)  we Read more about Holiday eating tips![…]

Healthy drinks??

When it comes to healthy drinks there are not many out there to buy: 1) Water is the best choice. Other beverages: 2) Decaffeinated teas/herbal teas 3) Brewed teas then chill them. 4) Water with lemon, lime, orange. 5) Soda water with stevia. Soda: 1) Coke and Pepsi are used as pesticides in India because Read more about Healthy drinks??[…]

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