Helpful tips at this time or year!

Not all foods or calories are the same.
1) Try to avoid going out to eat on back to back days. Restaurant foods taste good and smell good because they are filled calories that sabotage your weight. 2) When you do go out to eat, only eat half your meal or stay discipline in what you choose to eat. 3) Beverages are typically filled with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Water is your best choice, maybe add a lemon for flavor. If you are looking for other options try to avoid sugar beverages or ones that are filled with artificial sweeteners.4) Breakfast: avoid cereals/breads. Eat healthy proteins or  protein drink meals that have very little sugar.5) Eliminate bread: breads are full of sugar. They break down quickly and go right to your stomach/thighs. Breads at restaurants taste so good, but are just as bad as the desserts.6) Look through your kitchen cabinets, freezer, or refrigerator and get rid of bad food choices. It is too hard to show discipline when your are craving or are hungry and you know what is in your house to eat. The food usually wins.7) Avoid snacks such as chips, cookies, pretzels, and so called healthy protein bars when they are filled with sugar/artificial sweeteners. These snacks usually have you eating more and more and they spike your insulin level.8)  Replace bad snacks with nuts, fruits, vegetables. When you chew on something you will satisfy these urges.9) Have a cheat day, but not small cheats everyday. 10) We as humans eat just to eat, we don’t eat to live. Eat smaller meals with good choices. If we eat a late lunch don’t over eat at dinner time.11) After 6 pm avoid carbs or drinks, eat small portions of proteins. This will help you keep blood sugar stable.

Most people will gain 5-10 pounds in the next two months!!!

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