Burning fat as fuel!

Most people eat foods that sabotages how their body should work!!!! The introduction of  healthier foods  in place of unhealthy foods such as sugars, processed, packaged foods will begin to transform you into a new and better you. Natural or healthy foods are  easier to digest and provide you with nutrients that were lacking in your Read more about Burning fat as fuel![…]

Success is not black or white

Success is not black or white. Success is not a result. Failure is not a result! Success is a process and all of us are a process each and every day Success is looking at your 20 pound weight loss as an accomplishment and the road block you recently hit as a learning experience. As Read more about Success is not black or white[…]

Helpful tips at this time or year!

Not all foods or calories are the same. 1) Try to avoid going out to eat on back to back days. Restaurant foods taste good and smell good because they are filled calories that sabotage your weight. 2) When you do go out to eat, only eat half your meal or stay discipline in what Read more about Helpful tips at this time or year![…]


Hormones & Cholesterol There is a connection between hormone balance and your cholesterol. According to government statistics, 1 in 6 adults has high cholesterol, but it is more important to note the ratio of LDL t HDL cholesterol rather than just the overall number. Many holistic practitioners feel this number is surprisingly low due to Read more about HORMONES and CHOLESTEROL[…]

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