It is human nature to allow excuses to rob us of our true potential. EXCUSES can sabotage us from living the life of our dreams. EXCUSES can affect our health, our weight, our relationships, our finances, our talents, and our joy. EXCUSES can trick our mind into thinking we can’t change, we can’t lose weight, we can’t improve our relationships, we can’t a get a better job, etc.

EXCUSES will always win, unless you find reasons that will be so strong that they get ingrained in our soul. Once our reasons are established in us the EXCUSES no longer have power over us.

Ask yourself, “If I continue along the EXCUSE merry go round where will I be in 6 months, 12 months, or 5 years down the road??”

Many of my potential clients have struggled with the EXCUSE merry go round. They are over weight, they are on too many drugs because of lifestyle issues, they are frustrated, and they struggle to find the reason to succeed. 

When a potential client realizes that they can control their thoughts or EXCUSES, they can change and live a better life.

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