Additional sugars we don’t know we are consuming.
It is one thing to add sugar to coffee/tea and realize it is extra sugar, but what about sugar that is already in your food.
1) 600 ml of Coke has 13 teaspoons of sugar. ( 52 g of sugar)
2) Chocolate bar “50 g” has 5 teaspoons of sugar
3) It is found in sauces, cereals, frozen meals.
LOOK at the ingredient list on labels. The ingredients listed first are the ones in the largest amounts.
LOOK underneath Total carbohydrate section. You want to eat 30-45 g per day of sugar. ( 1 teaspoon of sugar is equal to 4 g of sugar)
Natural sugar like lactose or fructose is better than unnatural sugar like “High fructose corn syrup”.
Fructose is a natural sugar found in fruit is different than fructose sugar or High fructose corn sugar. Eating too much of unnatural fructose can raise your triglyceride level and put you at risk for developing heart disease.
A: Sugar spikes insulin and can lead to weight gain. Can lead to Type ll diabetes
B: Sugar can lead to cardiovascular disease.
C: Sugar and cancer. Cancer cells feed off of sugar.

1) Avoid cookies, candy, chocolate, cakes, sweets, processed foods, sweets, etc.
2) Don’t drink your sugar?? There is too much sugar in drinks and they are wasted calories.
3) Sugar feeds on sugar. If you eat less you will crave less.
4) Eat nuts for snacks or fruits.
5) Drink more water

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