Coffee and the effects

Did you know that 40 billion dollars a year is spent on coffee?

The average American that drinks coffee consumes three, 9 ounce cups/day!

We all love the lift our morning cup of coffee gives us, but we forget the principle that what goes up must come down. This is no different for the physical and emotional lift that caffeine gives us.

Caffeine causes something called reactive hypoglycemia, dramatically affecting our hormones. Caffeine, especially when consumed alone without protein or fat of a meal, causes a spike in blood sugar, which is then followed by a release of insulin, which then causes a crash in blood sugar. 

This will leave you tired, irritable and craving more coffee or a sweet snack to lift you again. This can become a vicious cycle just like when you consume too much sugar. Caffeine is not a healthy substitute for a sugary snack when trying to avoid weight gain. The over consumption of caffeine works against our hormone balance.

The Pro Plus cream works to stabilize blood sugar. Caffeine sets blood sugar off into a roller-coaster event. Then your energy is drained, you crave, get sleepy during the day, but somehow can’t sleep at night and you gain weight. Remember, the body can only burn fat when your blood sugar is steady. If you indulge in caffeine, have it with oil/fat like some butter with your eggs and limit it to the daytime and continue to use our Natural Hormone Balancing creams at least to balance caffeine’s effects. Also, add coconut oil so your coffee will burn slow and stabilize caffeine’s affect on your blood sugar. Try looking up a product called B Skinny coffee, online, with buffered caffeine, or an herbal instant tea that tastes like coffee, called Dandy Tea, a great way of starting every day!

Learn more on how to help with hormone balance and how to lose weight with a proper program.

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