Carbohydrates are the WILDCARDS in weight management??? 

Any carbo”hydrate” will cause fluid retention. The word “hydrate” (water) is part of the word carbohydrate. In prehistoric times when food was scarce in the winter months God provided a way for humans to survive by giving us carbohydrates. Humans were only able to eat carbohydrates in spring and summer months through the fruits/vegetables they grew. Carbohydrates gave us fluid retention/higher cholesterol/more body fat due to eating carbohydrates/higher blood pressure. This was needed in the winter months as preparation for lack of abundance in food choices. The extra body fat helped and was used in burning calories for energy to survive when we were not eating enough foods. The higher cholesterol caused by carbohydrates kept our body warmer. As you can see all the things we do not like about carbohydrates: like insulin resistant, weight gain, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol all played a role in helping prehistoric man survive. However, in today’s world we live in a constant state of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are everywhere and can be eaten 24/7??? Our bodies never get the chance to stabilize blood sugar, weight, blood pressure, high cholesterol… hence a lot of medication is needed when we hit a certain age. 

What can we do with this knowledge? 

Every food is unique in that it has a direct and individual effect on the digestive system. When foods are properly combined they stimulate the digestive tract and allow it to work as smoothly as possible. On the other hand when foods are improperly combined they can trigger an improper release of digestive enzymes and result in the formation of toxins. These toxins can be seen, heard, and felt in the form of gas, bloating, acid reflux, and an overall feeling of indigestion…. All of which can lead to the formation of disease and weight gain long term. 

Eating tips: 

1) If you eat a stick of butter or hundreds of calories of nuts without carbs it is difficult to gain weight. Fat does not spike insulin. However, when you eat carbs which does spike insulin in addition to fat/protein you can gain weight.

2) Fruits are best eaten alone and should not be combined with other fruits or heavy proteins. 

3) Proteins are best eaten with non-starchy vegetables. The second choice is to eat with a starchy vegetable like a potato. ( It is better to eat a baked potato with butter/sour cream, because this will lower glycemic value of potato and insulin won’t spike as quickly.) 

4) A bad combination would be a starch like bread/pasta/processed carbs and a protein. (A protein such as meat goes through digestive track slowly and when you add, for example, bread it slows the process even more. You can retain a pound of fluid for an entire week..) If you desire pasta/bread combine with a salad, not a protein! 

5) Rice, pasta, breads, crackers, processed carbs are best eaten with non-starchy vegetables.

6) Cheeses are best eaten alone or with non starchy vegetables. Good combination: cheese on a salad/broccoli/apple. Yogurt is best eaten alone. 

7) Milk should be avoided due to the lack of enzymes or cultures to break it down. Alternatives to milk-almond/coconut/rice milk. 

8) Fats/oils: Good- olive oil, avocado oil, real butter, sesame/nut oil. Avoid canola oil, corn oil, sun flower oil, safflower oil, cream, and lard.

9) Worst food combinations: proteins “meats” eaten with refined carbohydrates. Examples- pizza, hamburger on white roll, steak and pasta.

10) Better choices: Steak and asparagus, pasta and salad. You want digestive system to focus on digesting harder protein by itself and asparagus is the better combination. Pasta is man- made and creates trouble for the body and results in weight gain so don’t combine with protein.

11) You can balance blood sugar by eating fat/fiber/protein/relaxation/ and progesterone. You can sabotage blood sugar through caffeine/alcohol/sugary drinks/gum/stress/intense exercise/pain/lack of sleep (need 9 ½ hours) 

Supplements available to you: 

1) Be Steady will keep blood sugar level when eat too many sugars. Example, weekend splurges!

2) Super Digestive will help you break down proteins quicker to avoid weight gain. Example, when eating too much or bad food combinations.

3) Essential fatty acids: Can help with weight loss or weight management.

4) Mutli-vitamin

5) Probiotic

6) Female stress/hormone creams. Progesterone is greatly beneficial in weight, mood, PMS symptoms, etc.

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