How the Becoming Balance program can help you?

Jacci was referred by her sister, who was already doing the Becoming Balance program. She decided to join her sister after seeing her niece weigh herself one week after giving birth.  Jacci decided to weigh herself right after her neice did and realized she was as heavy as her!!!  Jacci describes this event as her breaking point? She always blamed her thyroid issues and metabolism as a reason why she was heavier than desired. What helped Jacci during the program was her sister who lost 40 pounds and her son who dropped 60 pounds. All 3 of them were successful at the same time. She credits Dr. Alan Beck, who assisted her by answering questions/guiding her/ and in encouraging  her in the journey.

What motivated Jacci while on the Becoming Balance program was that she saw daily changes. The excitement to see her weight drop daily encouraged her. Her friends who were doing other type of weight loss programs struggled with slow weight loss. This frustrated them and they experienced poor results. Jacci on the other hand was dropping 20 pounds of unwanted body fat. 

Her attitude was so much better. Her outlook on life was improved, because for years she blamed her thyroid/metabolism on her weight and now she was fulfilling what she only dreamed of in the past!!!

As of today March 2019 she has kept her weigh off and has learned how to eat differently to enjoy the life she deserves. She has strengthened her thyroid.

Watch Jacci’s video and listen to her story!!!

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