How your mind tricks you when eating??

The satiation mechanism in most adults is being trick every day. When a human eats, he has a mechanism in the stomach that tells his brain he is full. This is called the satiation mechanism. Processed foods, man- made foods, sugars, breads, etc are calorie dense, but nutritionally poor. For example cookies, candy, and chips taste good and are easy to chew and process. After a few minutes you realize you just ate the whole bag!!! Even though you ate hundreds of calories, your body is still wanting more. WHY ?? The body is looking for foods that are nutrient dense which will help the body function properly. The hundreds of calories that you just swallowed are wasted calories and your stomach is still searching for more nutrients. It tells your brain to eat more, more, and more. This forces you to continue to eat the calorie rich foods in order to satisfy what the body needs. You end up over eating, getting fat, and not being healthy.

When you choose healthy foods that are nutrient dense you will need to eat slower. (It is easy to eat an Oreo quickly, but an apple is harder to chew and process.) Your body recognizes the nutrient dense food. Nutrient dense food fills you up quicker and typically you can’t over eat. When was the last time you ate a full bag of carrots? When was the last time you finished a bag of pretzel, chips, cookies, or candy?

All humans, as well as animals, have an inborn program called the Motivational Triad. We are motivated 3 ways: 1) We seek pleasure in the form of food, sex, or drugs. 2) We attempt to avoid all types of pain. 3) We attempt to do all activities with the least amount of energy. This motivational triad is meant to preserve our life or sustain us to live a long, long life.

Focus on healthier or natural snacks: Fruits, vegetables, nuts instead of man made snacks.Focus on salads, healthy fats, and proteins when eating a meal instead of the breads, desserts,

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