Learning to eat better

1) Calories in versus calories out is not always the best method to determine the best way to maintain weight. Most people think if they eat fewer calories and exercise more they will lose/maintain their weight. Poor food choices will stimulate insulin regardless of the amount of calories ingested and your body will suffer in maintaining weight. In addition, poor food choices will stimulate your body to eat more and more in an effort to obtain good nutrients. You can eat higher quantities of calories made up of fat or protein and be able to maintain weight and satisfy your hunger. (FOCUS ON BURNING HABITS, INSTEAD OF CALORIES!)

2) Dieting is temporary. Find ways to make long term eating habits that will keep you successful.

3) Over eating: Typically a person does over eat on good foods, most of the time it is on junk foods. These foods will make your body desire more, because nutrient values are so poor. When you eat more calories than what your body needs, your fat storing enzymes are activated. Not all calories are created equal. When you eat high quality/nutritious foods you are less likely to over eat, since you are nourishing your body. When you eat low quality/low nutrient dense foods your body will never become satisfied SO it will continue to ask for more foods in hope of finding nutrient dense foods.

4) Skipping meals: If you want to lower your metabolic rate- skip meals and restrict calories. This will lead to your metabolism stopping and starting, which is a great way to gain weight NOT LOSE WEIGHT! Constantly skipping meals will lead to low metabolism and weight gain.

5) Eat good quality foods. This will help blood sugar to stabilize and keep hormones happy. Stabile blood sugar will help you burn calories 24/7. YOU CAN’T STARVE A FAT CELL, you must burn it.

6) Drink lemon water: It hydrates you, keeps you full, helps your skin, improves your immunity, decreases inflammation, helps with digestion, helps fight cancer, detoxifies you, and reduces cravings

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