Emotional eating/Overeating


Emotional eating can take place when blood sugar is fluctuating or our thoughts stimulate a desire to eat. Watching TV or certain aromas can make us desire to eat when our body is not actually hungry. Typically the food we choose to eat is not a healthy choice. Example: Chips, pretzels, cookies, sugar, ice cream, etc.
To minimize this from happening:
1) Eat a healthier snack when this desire hits. Fruit or nuts.
2) Drink water with lemon or plain water to keep stomach full.
3) Many times if we wait 10 minutes the urge will go away.


To minimize this from happening:
1) Eat slower. Your body will be able to sense you are full and relay that message to your brain, if you eat too fast the message will not get there until it is too late and you have eaten too much.
2) Drink water. This will fill you up and keep you from overeating.
3) Decide ahead of time when at a restaurant to take half your meal home.
4) Wait ten minutes before you continue to eat. Typically, your body will realize it is full by that time and save you extra calories that will be stored as fat.

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