Hormones and your weight?

Hormones & Your Weight

Many women want to lose weight, but not just weight, stubborn weight you could not lose any other way, even after diet and exercise. The primary reason a lady struggles to lose weight is because her hormones are out of balance. This imbalance causes her struggle to lose weight, as well as increased her cravings, making it hard to resist tempting sugar and starchy carbohydrates. The main imbalance was that  insulin was constantly high in the bloodstream, making it hard to control cravings and energy levels, as well as the inability to burn fat. Lowering your sugars will help this, but the Pro Plus cream contains the natural safe hormone progesterone, which will buffer your blood sugar and help balance it. This means you can burn fat. With your efforts to do so, your energy is steady for exercise, you sleep deeper without waking up, and your cravings go way down. This always helps your weight since it’s easier to control what you eat. By raising progesterone, your body then balances the estrogen in it. Estrogen will cause fluid retention and belly fat by over stimulating your pancreas to produce too much insulin no matter what you eat, so it becomes an uphill battle. Progesterone keeps the estrogen in check so only its good benefits are seen in the body. Progesterone also makes you feel better, and when you feel better (with better sleep and less irritable), you make healthier lifestyle choices and don’t reach for candy, caffeine and alcohol as much. The Soothe Stress cream will allow the progesterone to reach optimal levels, whereas without this vital cream, the high demand for cortisol will drain away your progesterone and you are back in the same situation you were in initially. Thank goodness for the Natural Hormone Balancing creams which can make sticking to a healthy lifestyle and weight so much easier, also enabling to you Stay Balanced!

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