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Here are a few excerpts from recent clients:

1) I no longer crave sugar or carbs and my energy level is sky high. I simply couldn’t be happier with myself right now and honestly i haven’t exercised every day, nor made time for the relaxation tape and still feel fantastic.
i used to live to eat, now i eat to live.
Thank you so very much!!!

2) I wanted to send you a quick message this morning. I am not sure if its water weight or not but I am down 6 lbs today. and have to tell you not sure if its coincidental or not but I feel amazing. I feel energized and happy.  Should I be feeling this already? Just wasn’t sure how quickly this worked?

Thank you so much so far best money ive spent in a long time!!!

3) The second week went really well.  I am down a total of 23.1 pounds and my energy is up.  I am very happy about the weight loss of course, however, I am even more excited about the fact that ALL of the symptoms being attributed to my adrenal gland are gone!  I have no more swelling, which means I can bend my joints and walk/climb stairs with ease.  I no longer feel like I am under water and haven’t needed a breathing treatment in over a week. The sores on my legs,  I have been dealing with for the past year, that would not heal and continuously leaked fluid are almost healed.  My blood pressure and heart rate have been improving as well.
I am looking forward to seeing even more positive changes as I continue.

“Becoming Balanced has been the best program/lifestyle change we have ever made.  For the past few years we have been actively traveling throughout the USA on missionary deputation.  This meant staying at churches and people’s homes where they wanted to feed us…very well!  Dave’s weight went up to 220 pounds and Cindy to 155.  We needed to do something!  We weren’t as physically active as we were when we were younger so it was difficult to keep the weight off and we were not healthy either!  Learning about Dr. Beck’s Becoming Balanced Diet and hearing from others that had success with the program, we decided that it was a good investment!  We began in March of 2015.  We had concerns as to how we would adjust since Dave always had problems with dropping blood sugar if he didn’t eat enough.  BUT, he never had a problem.  Cindy, who has been on high blood pressure medication for the past 12 years, suddenly found with the pounds dropping off, so did the blood pressure numbers begin to drop.  The first 28 days weren’t as hard as we thought and seeing the immediate results was so encouraging!  We are now at six months and Dave has stayed steady with a 30 lb. loss, weighing 190 and Cindy with a 26 lb. loss at 129.  What we have come to realize is that it is not necessarily how much you eat, but what you eat.  Cindy no longer takes blood pressure medication, we have a full bottle of Tums because we no longer suffer from heartburn!  We feel great and have control of our eating habits!  Thank you, Dr. Alan Beck for helping us and being there whenever we needed you!  Even though we live in Spain, you were only an email away!”



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