Healthy food tips

Food Tips:

The goal should be to eat healthy 5/6 days out of the week. Try to avoid too many starches, processed foods, sugars, etc during these healthy eating days. Each week enjoy 1/2 days of eating the other foods or restaurant choices.

1) A bake potato is higher in glycemic value, which can cause your blood sugar to rise quickly. This can affect insulin levels, weight, and health. If you desire to eat a baked potato you can lower glycemic value by putting butter and sour cream on it.

2) Pasta/processed foods/made carbs do not go well with proteins. Proteins are harder/slower to digest so when combined with pasta. It can create weight gain. While your digestive system is breaking down the protein the highly glycemic pasta is just sitting there. This will cause your insulin to be secreted which will then tell your body to store this rather than burn it. If you choose to eat these types of foods combine them with salad or healthy vegetables.

3) Eat 4-5 times a day to keep metabolism burning. At night, before bed a small amount of protein is good. When your metabolism is constantly working your body is burning unwanted calories and not storing them.

4) If you over eat or eat the wrong foods take the next few days and avoid starch. This will flush the extra sugars out of your system and help keep your weight from going up.

5) You can’t gain weight when only eating fat or protein. You gain weight when carbs are added, especially bad carbs, to fat or protein.

6) Man made foods even though they taste great make us fat.

6) There are very few beverages out there that are healthy. Soda or  juices, even fruit juices spike insulin. Diet soda does not spike insulin, however the  artificial sweeteners  are terrible for you. Drink water or make your own tea/green tea and add a small amount of stevia.

7) The majority of us eat much food each day. If we eat the right food the body will get enough nutrients to function with half as much as we think we need.

8) Replace man made snacks such as chips, pretzels, cookies  with fruit or nuts.

9) If you eat 20 g of protein in am you will desire to eat less through the day and burn more fat. This improves glycemic control. Your blood sugar will be more stable which contributes to a reduction of eating that day.

10) If you eat protein right before bed you will keep metabolism active and this will help you burn calories while you sleep. It also keeps amino acids in your blood. Amino acids help transport nutrients and help metabolic process. Amino acids help decrease your chances of weights gain, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

11) Chia seeds: will boost your energy, help control weight, decrease effects of type ll diabetes and heart disease. They are high in anti oxidants, fiber, protein, and omega 3’s

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