Eating Better!

Article by Dr. Amy Lee

When our bodies attempt to digest foods/substances foreign to nature it confuses the digestive system and leads to chaos. For example: sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sweeteners, preservatives, man- made foods, etc the body is so confused instead of breaking it down and using as energy it stores it a FAT!!!

1)      Diet soda was invented as a way of helping individuals enjoy soda without adding fat to their body. This has back fired! Zero calories/zero fat does not mean no fat is added to your body. The artificial sweeteners confuse body on how to break it down and any other foods eaten at this time will be stored as FAT.
2)      Preservatives and chemicals clog up the digestive system, decrease your energy, and irritate your bowel. The result is weight gain! If you improve your digestion you will process foods more efficiently and burn fat rather than store it.
3)      Yogurt- even though labeled as healthy has too much sugar. It may use the words healthy or no fat, but beware. It also can contain high fructose corn syrup. Replace with cottage cheese or greek yogurt. Look at label and see if sugar content is 20 grams or less.
4)      Wheat bread- you have often heard wheat bread is healthier than white bread. Many types of wheat bread contain high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup is 20 times sweeter than sugar and not recognized by our brain. It confuses our digestive system and tricks body into eating more because our “natural food meter” can’t work properly, therefore we keep eating! High fructose corn syrup is very addictive, more so than heroin. Our bodies are programmed to turn unknown substances into fat and will appear around love handles, waistline, and buttocks area.
5)      Cereal bars are marketed as healthy foods. Look at label to see if ingredients have sugar or high fructose corn syrup.
6)      Potato chips marketed as fat free or cholesterol free and have scientific name olestra or olean. This blocks your body from getting essential vitamins.
7)      Sugar, sweeteners, and preservatives are added to foods all the time in the US. Exercise is no longer enough to do to lose weight. Also, the concept calorie in/calorie out no longer works. Just because you eat less calories than you think you need does not equate to weight lost.
8)      Dieting is temporary. Becoming Balance is to educate on a lifestyle change that can help you for months to years to follow.

1)      Digestive system is meant to help you process foods and use food as energy and not weight gain. Today, many of the foods we eat are foreign to digestive system and it becomes confused when attempting to digest them. When confused it defaults and stores them as FAT and not energy burned. Your digestive system can either make you energy from your food choices or make you FAT, but it can’t do both. Poor digestion is one of the most common causes of weight gain. If you can’t breakdown your food, absorbed nutrients, and eliminate toxins effectively your metabolism will suffer. You most likely will gain weight. Warning signs of poor digestive system: food sensitivities, yeast infections, bloating, bladder issues, etc.
3)      Four ways to help digestive system.
4)      Food preservatives: If you take a McDonald’s hamburger and place it in a bag it will not change. David Wrinkle found a McDonald’s hamburger that was 14 years old. It looked as fresh as one that would be bought today. It was packed to the core with food preservatives. Many processed foods do the same thing as a McDonald’s hamburger. Food companies can use preservatives to increase shelf life and taste to increase their profits; however, our health does not profit. Preservatives make it very difficult for your digestive system to break done the food and get nutrients out. They are foreign to body and all unknown foods are usually converted to FAT, not used to burn calories. When our body does not get enough nutrients it will hold onto to food longer in digestive system and desire to eat more. Both these circumstances will lead to weight gain.
5)      A good digestive enzyme helps; however, not all digestive enzymes are beneficial. A good digestive enzyme will maximize the amount of nutrients you absorb. This helps you burn calories and not add calories to waistline.
6)      Candida-feeds on sugars and sweeteners. It increases gas, bloating, cravings, and affect hormones. Your cravings will be toward sugars, pizzas, cakes, cookies, breads, pasta, etc. It also hurts you in getting out all the nutrients from these foods which makes you want to eat more. A good  probiotic will help balance out good/bad bacteria which means you burn fat better and lose weight. It boost your body’s functioning ability.
7)      Over eating- this overwhelms the digestive system and leads you to store FAT. Drink more water before and while you eat. Eat slower. Wait some time before you continue to eat. You will then realize that you are full and desire not to eat more.
8)      EGCG or green tea extract. This is a metabolism booster. It inhibits the storage of excess carbohydrates as body FAT and preferentially diverts them to muscle cells. It helps you not regain weight you just lost and fires your digestive system to burn FAT all day long.
9)      Our bodies were not meant to carry around excess FAT; however, since 1950 sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, etc have been added to our foods and our digestive system can’t keep up with burning calories.

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